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Rich Hart
05-11-1998, 01:58 AM
Graduate Teaching Assistantships: Tulane University

The Department of Biomedical Engineering at Tulane University
(http://www.bmen.tulane.edu) invites new applications for admission to our
Graduate Program for Fall 1998.

Although this announcement is very late (normally applications are due in
February), we want to try to supplement our applicant pool because recent
funding successes have just opened several TA positions in the Department, to
begin Fall 1998.

Further information about our graduate program, including "pdf" versions of the
application packet are available at:

Thanks for your interest in Tulane. If you have specific questions about our
Department that are not answered by the on-line material, please contact me.

Richard T. Hart, Ph.D. e-mail: Rich.Hart@tulane.edu
Professor and Chair phone: (504)865-5889
Department of Biomedical Engineering fax: (504)862-8779
Boggs Center, Suite 500 http://www.bmen.tulane.edu/
Tulane University
New Orleans, Louisiana 70118

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