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Scott Colby
05-14-1998, 04:33 AM
Hi all,

Thanks to the following people who responded to my query about the weight
of a human foot:

Qi Liu
Milad Ishac
Bryan St. Laurent
John Lawler
Yasin Dhaher
Alena Hagedorn
Rachel Beyer
Mike Torry
Jon Fewster
Rafael Escamilla
Paul Klein
Barry Munkasy
Harald Bohm
David Carmines
Ned Frederick
Arturo Forner
Douglas Bradshaw
Yu Li
Eric Powell
Guy Gosselin
Thom Abelew

Most of the responses referenced Winter's book and reported the weight of
the foot = 0.0145 of the total body weight.

Thanks again,

Scott Colby
Duke University Sports Medicine Department

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