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Wang Chengzhi
05-17-1998, 11:05 PM
Dear biome_lers
Thanks to all replied to me and your helps. Now I sum up my thoughts here.
1.Why do we not do any heavy and quick training like other Kungfu as a
kind of fight discipline?
1)energy and power
We try to decrease costing energy while we do the same kind of work such
as lying, standing, practing by relaxing body at any time.( include winning
a fight enemy)
Potential power=possible maximum power-costing power
Potential power increase as the same if we try to decrease.
( power=energy/per unit of weight and time)
2)Experiment suggestion:cruising speed oxygen consumption of different
people.( age,weight,sports,health)
3)Basic training form of Bagua : We walk around a center to form a whole
nonlinear centrifugal acceleration field with some barehanded form
according to some training principles. According to Einstein we can not
make out the difference between centrifugal acceleration and grativity.
( Cosmography is too abstract, i dare not say something)
accelaration=force*mass accelation=velocity^2/radius
If we make a tree do this movement year by year, its shape will be changed
toward center.
4)Legend of history:Before Copernicus(1473-1543)set up his solar_center
theory,approximately before 1368 our Kungfu ancestor was walking around a
center.He used himself as a labor power to propell a grind machine for
living money year after year with less food.( He pushed the machine with
his hand, so he can not swing his arms while walking) Fortunately human
being is self_adjusted system and he had great wisdom.So he got a efficient
body system and Taichi Bagua traing methods from his experience and Chinese
Taichi philosophy. Then He won every stronger opponent during barehanded
and sword war by which Yuan dynasty changed to Ming dynasty. His name is
"Zhang Sanfeng", one of the immportant individuals of Chinese "Dao"
religion. Now the era of barehanded fight for life is over, health is the
most immportant.
5)Human evolution hypothesis: Spinal conflict caused by human evolution.
Human always have trouble with their spine, but four legs animals have not
such ill. Their spines have more freedom than ours,especially the diagonal
torsion of thorax and pelvic.(cat, monkey, dog) So human must put major
tortile force on waist and neck in daily life and sports.So some injuries
and worn_out must appear. According to anthropology we evolve from four
legs. Our neural system keeps the nostalgia of four legs, doesn't it?
This is not a sarcasm. Children do not swing arms like adults when they
begin to learn walking. Some joints of their pelvic and thorax(spine) have
not become still. They will become still since we keep a kind of nostalgia
although forelimbs are not put on ground. We do not swing arms without
uncomfort while walking with habitual gait, for we regain these moving
joints ability after Taichi and Bagua traing.
So human keeps the habit of four legs while walking with two legs, gets a
spine of two legs; After training human can get the habit of two legs while
walking with two legs, gets a spine which is a little like a four legs spine.
While training, we always do this:slightly take back jaw, keep coccyx
forward and keep lumbar backward, so we get rid of the natural spinal curve!
Experiment suggestion: Gait analyse, GRF picture of different people,Whole
body 3D model.
2.If we succeed, What do we do next?
1) Chinese culture meet science at this point.( Eastern civilization and
Western civilization) Some of you may konw Chinese Taichi philosophy. We
can research them by setting up 3D model of these fighting form, because
these forms are under the guide of Chinese Taichi philosophy.( Perhaps
this is link with Chaos and Nonlinear theory, for Taichi and Bagua can be
regarded as nonlinear centrifugal accelaration field)
2)Perhaps the effeciency priciple of strange training methods and
four_legs_spine may benefit some modern sports, now that it become more
difficult to get new world record. The stronger always win the thiner
sometimes. It is said that sometimes people taking exhilarant win the
others and some athlete retire at early age with some ill. This is only a
hypothesis also.
3)Certainly it can benefit the sick and ill, because Taichi and Bagua do
not do any heavy and quick training. You know many chinese old and sick
person practice them.( In fact, I began to practice for my health)Some old
masters are improving their fight skill even at the age of 70, don't you
believe?( Some of you may know at what age a boxer will retire with some
ill.)How do these traing methods will benefit entrails?
If you don't have such experience,don't you agree what I have talked is
possible on logic at least? I can not get any scientific evidences in my
circumstance, although my old Kungfu teachers ( over 70 years old)are the
best experiment samples. Just try how does a thin oldman win a stronger
young man in a justice hand wrestling game!
Human need health and efficience no matter what race,skin
colour,age,sex,weight,height,scince we have the same kind of body after
long time of human evolution.
I have a dream.
best wishes and best wishes to all Chinese oversea.
Wang Chengzhi
Feb. 13, 1998
Student of M.S.
computer science department
Tianjin University

Adr:4_5_203 Yixinli
The People's Republic of China

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