View Full Version : Qualisys, Vicon motion capture systems: advice needed

Bruce A. Kay
05-18-1998, 01:39 AM
We are in the market for a new motion capture system, for analyzing the
kinematics (force reconstruction not required) of gait and posture during
treadmill walking, and have found that Qualisys (MacReflex, ProReflex) and
Vicon appear to make products that suit our needs.

I have looked through the biomch-l archives and found some references to
these systems, but very little on their overall quality.

Does anyone out there have experience with either of these systems and
companies? In particular, we'd like to know how good the systems'
reliabilities have been and how good the companies' support of hardware and
software has been. Accuracy and ease of use (e.g., being able to quickly
collect a lot of trials and reconstruct the 3D data easily) are also high
on our list.

Of course, I'll post the replies I receive.

Thanks very much for your time.

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