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Ben Stansfield
05-19-1998, 10:10 AM
Dear All,
I am presently extending a model of the leg from just hip and knee to
include the ankle joint. I have some of the data that is associated with
the paper:
Brand, Crowninshield, et al, 'A Model of Lower Extremity Muscular Anatomy',
Trans. ASME, J. of Biomech. Eng.,Vol.104,1982.
I do not, however, have the complete data set especially that for the ankle
muscles. I was hoping that somebody might have this information. I am
trying to avoid having to go direct to the author as I am sure that the
information is readily available in the Biomch-l world.
Thanks in advance,

Ben Stansfield

Tel: 0141 5483031, Internal: Ex 3031
University of Strathclyde, Bioengineering Unit

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