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Cheryl Riegger-krugh
05-20-1998, 02:44 AM
This position announcement is posted for a colleague.
Please respond to the address at the end of the announcement.



The Departments of Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine, and the
Physical Therapy Program are seeking a qualified, motivated, and experienced,
individual to plan, design, and run a state of the art clinical and research gait and
motion analysis laboratory. The laboratory will be based in The Children's Hospital,
Denver, Colorado, in conjunction with the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.
Space and funding have been allocated and approved.

Responsibilities will include:

1. Plan and design laboratory.
2. Supervise acquisition of hardware.
3. Supervise construction of laboratory.
4. Install and test hardware and software.
5. Establish and implement database of patients and research data.
6. Hire appropriate staff for clinical gait analysis and research.
7. Perform and supervise clinical gait studies.
8. Assist with Motion Analysis studies.
9. Contribute to clinical reports of gait studies.
10. Maintain and manage database.
11. Assist with data analysis of Gait /Motion analysis studies.
12. Maintain and manage lab and equipment.
13. Maintain a funded line of research.
14. Team with clinicians/faculty to develop research proposals.
15. Network with healthcare providers in the Rocky Mountain region.
16. Network with other gait labs.
17. Interface with the academic community.

This is a full-time position at The Children's Hospital. Academic appointment through the
University of Colorado also is possible. Candidates should have a PhD. equivalent degree in
biomechanics or engineering, and/or well documented experience running a gait lab.
Knowledge of normal and pathologic neuromuscular gait and a desire to work with children is
essential. A working knowledge of biomechanical modeling and statistics as well as strong
verbal and written communication skills will enhance the application. Computer programming
skills are required and statistical skills are preferred.

Anticipated start will be in July or August with opening ceremonies for the new facility this fall.

Inquiries and resumes can be forwarded to Frank M. Chang, M.D. or
Dennis Matthews, M.D. via Jane Wingquist at:

The Children's Hospital, 1056 E. 19th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80218

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