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Herman J. Woltring
05-23-1989, 12:04 AM
Today's topics:

(1) ISB travel arrangements
(2) ISB Newsletter email address
(3) MEDNEWS 2(1989)20 news items
(4) About Bitnet Services Library
(5) Membership publicity and BIOMCH-L log files


(1) ISB travel arrangements

ISB-XII is getting close now. Any persons interested in sharing travel faci-
lities in North America (or elsewhere) are welcome to post a request or offer
to that effect onto BIOMCH-L.


(2) ISB Newsletter email address

Jan Cabri's May 10 posting on the Formia 1989 abstracts has caused addressing
problems to some of us. While the sender's address was properly named as
janc%vub.vub.ac.be@BLEKUL60.BITNET in the header of his posting (BLEKUL60
being an EARN node at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium), the
name BLEKULGO figures in the body of his posting. If the Internet address
janc@vub.vub.ac.be or janc@anat.vub.ac.be does not work on your mailer, the
explicit gateway routing via BLEKUL60.EARN, BLEKUL60.BITNET or BLEKUL60.NETNORTH
should do the job (note the use of % and @ in the composite address as required
under JNET, the IN-mailer and GMAIL).

ISB members received the Formia abstracts some days ago.


(3) MEDNEWS 2(1989)20 news items

From: USA's Health InfoCom Network News
Volume 2, Number 20 May 15, 1989


The nation's No. 1 killer, the heart attack, could become a thing of the
past. New treatment techniques include using lasers to remove vessel plaque
and a 20,000-rpm `rotor-rootor' innovation to open up the vessels, physicians
say. Heart transplants are also becoming more commonplace, with a success rate
approaching that of kidney transplants.


Scanners of the future will allow physicians to see blood flow in the heart
and pinpoint obstructed areas now possible only with intrusive methods, says
Dr. Gerald M. Lemole with the Medical Center of Delaware Inc. Another
physician says the standard CAT scan technology giving a three-dimensional
view is bowing to positron emission tomography, which can evaluate chemical


(4) About Bitnet Services Library

__--- The
__----- Bitnet
__------- Services
___________ Library Who We Are, What We Do

************************************************** *************

May, 1989

The Bitnet Services Library (BSL) is a group of network users
dedicated to the mission of keeping people informed about
BITNET. BSL offers a number of information services designed
for both network novices and power users. In providing these
services this association hopes to promote a productive and
enjoyable networking environment for everyone. All of these
services are available free-of-charge when you have access
to the network.


BITLIB is a local online help facility which provides VM users
with information on file servers, name servers, electronic
magazines, and other services available through BITNET. It
includes instructions for accessing each server, explanations
of basic concepts (such as "What is a file server?") and a set
of useful EXECs to make life with in the network easier. All
documentation (no matter what the original source) has been
tailored to the VM environment.

For more information, send mail to BITLIB@YALEVM. Please note
that BITLIB can only be installed by professional staff at your
site. (Whereas BITLIB is easy to maintain, the staff at your
site will decide to install it dependent on the availability of
system resources required to maintain it there.)

* NetMonth

NetMonth is an online magazine featuring news, information, and
opinion about BITNET. Inside each issue you will find a
features, columns, and regular departments covering a variety
of network-related topics. The purpose of NetMonth is to
inform the BITNET community while providing practical
guidelines for getting the most out of the network.

To subscribe, send the following command to LISTSERV@MARIST via
mail or message:

SUB NETMONTH your_full_name

where "your_full_name" is your name.


The list of BITNET servers and services. Included are:

File servers
List servers
Listserv filelists
Mail-based information servers
Name servers

An update of BITNET SERVERS is sent with each NetMonth. Copies
are also available from any NETSERV file server. For example,
you can send the following command by mail or message to



This file explains for the beginner how BITNET works and how to
access the many types of services mentioned in BITNET SERVERS.
NetMonth subscribers are sent an update of USERHELP every few
months. Copies are also available from any NETSERV file server.


(5) Membership publicity and BIOMCH-L log files

As proposed in BIOMCH-L 1989/9 of 1 May 1989, the list membership (currently
about 85) shall be made available with `PRIVATE' classification as of 1 June
1989. Thus, those who have not issued a `SET CONCEAL BIOMCH-L' to LISTSERV@
HEARN by that time will be making their names and email addresses available to
other subscribers. Please note there have been a few short-term subscribers
this month whose purpose might have been to obtain BIOMCH-L's address database.
As mentioned before, Ton van den Bogert and I cannot guarantee any privacy of
email addresses once the database has been opened, and those of you who do NOT
wish to make their email addresses public might be well advised to conceal them-
selves, even though this may be perceived as unpleasant.

Of course, once you post an item to the list, your name and address will be
available to all interested parties: the BIOMCH-L log files are publicly avail-
able via the request `SEND BIOMCH-L LOG8n' to LISTSERV@HEARN, with n=8 or 9.

In view of the size of the log files, I am considering a change into monthly
log files. The request `INDEX BIOMCH-L' to LISTSERV@HEARN will provide a full
index of all available files under BIOMCH-L.


*** End of BIOMCH-L 1989/10a