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Trevor Coen *
05-25-1998, 07:44 PM
Researcher- Ergonomics
University of Limerick, Ireland.

The Ergonomics Research Centre at the University of Limerick, Ireland, has
an opening for a full-time graduate researcher to work on a research
project on decision support systems for production planners funded by the
European Union. The work entails developing software for the evaluation of
Ergonomics problems of workplace designs. Either of two areas will be
addressed: (1) accomodating wide varieties of workers with regard to their
anthropometrical and functional abilities; (2) Analysis of aspects of the
design of work to minimise musculo-skeletal injuries. The work is intended
to lead to the award of a Masters or PhD.

Researchers are expected to initiate new lines of inquiry, as well as
contributing to existing work as a member of a multidisciplinary team.
Specialist training in particular areas of Ergonomics, computing etc is
available where required.

Written applications, with CV, and the names and addresses of two referees
should reach Dr. Timothy Gallwey, Ergonomics Research Centre, Department of
Manufacturing and Operations Engineering, University of Limerick, Ireland.
Applications and/or additional information requests on these opportunities
may also be sent by e-mail to Timothy.Gallwey@ul.ie


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