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Michael Liebschner
05-26-1998, 01:08 PM
Hello Biomch-l,

Several months ago I posted a request for some information regarding the
hydraulic conductivity (hydraulic permeability coefficient) of bone tissue.
The response I got was somewhat confusing since some researchers used
different methods resulting in quite different outcomes. Because of that, I
want to verify some of the results found by applying an ASTM standard
procedure used in groundwater engineering for determining hydraulic
conductivity of stones.

I want to measure the hydraulic conductivity of a femur which will be casted
into a plastic tube, to avoid surface error effects, and then subject it to
fluid pressure on one end. So far, I had no luck finding the proper casting
material. I tried the commonly used PMMA (better known as Dental Plastic) as
well as Ultra Mount (Buehler, high performance mounting kit, Lake Bluff,
IL), but both materials didn't stick well enough to the bone surface. A
coworker of mine gave me the tip to use minimal expanding foam sealant
(nasty yellow stuff, that usually sticks to everything, even to places where
you don't want it), but that didn't work either.

What I am looking for is a casting material that bonds very well to bone and
a plastic (PVC) tube. Does anyone have experience with other kind of casting
materials? Does anybody know a commercially available casting material which
I could use?

Assistance on any of these questions would be very helpful. A summary of the
results of this query will be posted.

Thanks in advance,

Michael Liebschner

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