View Full Version : What can a biomechanist do?

Martha Jack
05-27-1998, 01:06 AM
A few years ago a question was posed to the ISB membership via the
neweletter as to "What do we call ourselves?"

In that same vain, I would like to pose the question: "What can a
biomechanical engineer do?"

I will offer my analytical outline and you may contribute to the analysis.
A summary will be posted when discussion has ended.

-Sports Biomechanics
-Gait Lab and Analysis
-Orthopaedic Biomechanics:
Prosthetic design and analysis
Instrumentation design
-Industrial Biomechanics:
Ergonomics - evaluation, analysis
Safety analysis and Risk assessment
ADA interpretation
Architecture, Construction
-Forensic Biomechanics:
Vehicle crashworthiness
Failure investigation and reconstruction
Expert witness
-Cardiac Rehabilitation
-Stress Testing
-Metabolic Measurement
-Instrumentation Technician
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