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M. Lewis Donmoyer
05-30-1998, 08:41 AM
I am a 30 year old, handicapable, student, who has a rather ingenious
design of a walker to be used by persons with ambulatory dysfuction. I
believe this design to be sensible and sound. What I am not sure of is its
manufacturabilty. Whether or not it can be built remains to be seen. I
possess a model of it and some wire frame drawings, but what I really need
is a full scale, working model of the walker before I can obtain a patent.
I even have a name for this device should it take off in the realm
manufacturing possibilities. This device has that potential. What I lack
is the finantial part of it. For I am on public assistance and the paper
work that is involved in getting a grant from the government, is rather

What I really could use is your advice on this matter. I am enclosing a
cover letter and my resume and please tell me if you think that I'm just
spinning my wheels or if you think I have real promise in this field or do
you think I should change fields.


M. Lewis Donmoyer
a.k.a. "lewd"

p.s. I am also a TBI survivor who is 9 years post accident and is working
very hard at not giving up hope.

There is nothing more hard to take hold of, more hazardous to direct, or
more ambiguous in its approach, than to take the elementary position at the
head of the class... accepting help from a total stranger, correcting the
errors of others, or to master the unfamiliarities of other human beings;
all of which are network teachings and are not unlearnable...
-M. Lewis Donmoyer-