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H.j. Woltring, Fax/tel +31.40.413 744
05-11-1992, 08:23 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

This is to inform you that my E-Mail addresses on EARN/BITNET and on the
Internet have been changed into

woltring@hnykun53.bitnet / woltring@nici.kun.nl / woltring@psych.kun.nl

My other coordinates remain unchanged. Mail to any of the old EARN/BITNET
or Internet addresses

ugdist@hnykun53.bitnet / ugdist@nici.kun.nl / ugdist@psych.kun.nl

will be forwarded to the new address.

I would like to thank my hosts from the University of Genova in Italy for the
hospitality enjoyed at "their" address for the past 13 months, and I hope to
serve on Biomch-L as before from this address.

With kind regards,

Herman J. Woltring, moderator

Brussellaan 29, NL-5628 TB Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Fax/tel. +31.40.413 744, tel. (private) +31.40.480 869