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06-02-1998, 01:52 AM
Dear colleague,
The abstract deadline for next annual conference of the Society for
Physical Regulation in Biology and Medicine (SPRBM) has been extended to
JULY 1, 1998.

The conference will convene Nov. 11-14, 1998 aboard the Queen Mary
in Long Beach, California. This is the 18th Annual conference which
concentrates on physical signals (mechanical, electrical, magnetic,
ultrasound....) to cells, tissues and organisms, affecting gene expression,
regeneration, growth, and repair.

Please note this new deadline. Futher updated information on
registration, program, fees, and location is available at the website:


or via the SPRBM office:
e:mail: 752320.1222@compuserve.com
phone: 301-663-4252
fax: 301-371-8955

--Joe Spadaro

Joseph A. Spadaro, Ph.D.
e-mail: spadaroj@hscsyr.edu
Fax: 315-464-6638

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