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06-09-1998, 03:04 PM
Dear biome_lers
Sorry, I always couldn't help talking my thoughts, although I have to do
some english homework. I do hope other people understand what I have said.
A person changes his gait twice. First, He changes it when he begin to
learn walking from crawl, then he change it when he become a old sick
people with a stick.This is described in a lion body human head riddle of
ancient grecian legend. A monster always ask people"In the morming it is
quadruped, in the noon it is bipedal,in the afternoon it has three feet,
What is it? If you are wrong, I will eat you. If you are right, I will
die." This monster's sculpture is still in Egypt beside the great pyramid.
The answer is Human being.
Other bipedal such as ostrich, kangaroo, some kinds of dinosaurs etc never
change their gait after their birth. None of quadrupeds changes its gait
according to age in natural circumstance.
Why? spine, I think. For all of these human has a unique gait accompanied
by arms swing. Is it right that human being has spinal trouble because of
this? In other words, Is human spine stronger than anthropoid ancestor's?
I only know that monkey has not such spinal illness.Now that we stand on
two feet, none of us want to add a foot such as stick. Our group try to
find a way. My 70 years old teachers never take stick. They are improving
their fighting skill and health by chinese Taichi Bagua. It is worth
researching. First I want to be a master of Taichi, then I will try to
analyse it scientifically. I am the experiment sample and esearcher. I also
try to find some discourse on internet which has been published. Arm swing,
spine engine, baby spine etc. I can not find them in my university library.
If you can send me some by E_mail,I will very appreciate your help.
It is strange that a ostrich never swing its forelimbs like human when it
run at quick speed. spine?I don't know.

Thank you
Wang Chengzhi
student of MD.
computer science department
Tianjin University
The People's Republic of China

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