Carl Luchies
06-09-1998, 11:52 PM

Center on Aging
University of Kansas Medical Center

Applications are invited for a full time biomedical engineer to work
with researchers in the Center on Aging, University of Kansas Medical
Center. We will appoint a person with strong technical skills and the
ability to work on a team to carry out multidisciplinary research.

The Center on Aging has laboratory based research programs in the
Human Performance laboratory (balance, gait, and motor control)
and the Neurophysiology laboratory (neural bases for motor control).
The Center on Aging is a diverse group of KU faculty that recently
acquired a prestigious Claude D Pepper Older American Independence
Award from the NIH Institute on Aging. The research includes
development of methods for assessing motion, emphasizing physical
performance, pathophysiology, and biomedical measures for evaluating
postural control, gait, and motor control. The thematic focus of
research and education at the Center on Aging is prevention, detection,
and restoration of motor function in aging humans with a special
emphasis on stroke rehabilitation. The Center's multidisciplinary
team of investigators consists of experts in geriatrics, physical
therapy, physiology, rehabilitative medicine, biostatistics, mechanical
and biomedical engineering. A broad array of novel instrumentation,
analysis techniques, and computing facilities are available. The
tools required for this highly multidisciplinary research are
mathematics, engineering methods, and electrophysiological measurements.

BS in biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical
engineering, or equivalent degree. Minimum of one year experience
with contemporary research methods in experimental design, data
acquisition, and data analysis. Strong technical skills in the
design of electronic devices, A/D converter interfaces, general
electronic circuitry, and computer programming. Strong written,
communication and interpersonal skills. Demonstrated ability
to work independently and in a multidisciplinary setting.

MS in biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical
engineering, or equivalent degree. A minimum of two years additional
research experience in the methods of experimental biomechanics such
as motion analysis, force plates, and EMG. Experience in computer
maintenance, computer file backup and software installation is
desirable. Skills in LabVIEW, MATLAB, C++, Basic, and statistics
are desirable. Familiarity with the Internet, the World Wide Web,
Windows 95 and Windows NT is desirable.

The position involves all aspects of the research programs in the
Human Performance Laboratory (balance, gait, and motor control)
and the Neurophysiology Laboratory (neural bases for motor control)
including the following functions: assist with the technical planning,
development and implementation of laboratory experiments. Develop
experimental protocols, data collection and data analysis plans.
Perform detailed engineering analyses for laboratory projects.
Participate in technical writing and presentation development.
Perform and/or supervise the maintenance, hands-on diagnostic
evaluation and repair of laboratory equipment. Design, specify,
fabricate, test, and document new equipment and software.

The person filling this position will be supervised by and work
closely with Carl W. Luchies, PhD and Randy Nudo, PhD.

This position is now open and it will be filled as soon as possible.
Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

Qualified candidates should submit a letter of interest, a resume,
and names and addresses of three references to:

Carl W. Luchies, PhD
Center on Aging
University of Kansas Medical Center
3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Kansas City, Kansas 66160-7117

Phone: 913-588-1442
Fax: 913-588-1417
email: cluchies@kumc.edu

Only candidates under consideration will be contacted.

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