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05-12-1992, 10:40 AM
Date: Tue, 12 May 92 16:24:26 EDT
Originally-From: Jim Conklin
Subject: CREN Joins the Internet Society
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CREN Joins the Internet Society

CREN decided, at its February Board meeting, to join the new
Internet Society as a corporate member, effective July 1 (the new CREN
fiscal year). This is in recognition of the important role that the
Internet Society is expected to have in the support and governance of
the Internet as an international network, and in the broader "Matrix" of
interconnected international networks, including BITNET.
Both individuals and organizations may join the Internet Society,
thereby encouraging and supporting its activities.
Information on the Internet Society is available on LISTSERV@BITNIC.
The file ISOC ANNOUNCE provides general information on the Internet
Society, and ISOC APPLIC includes a very brief description and an
application form for individual memberships ($70 per year; $25 for
students). Further information on organizational and student
memberships may be obtained from isoc@nri.reston.va.us. Organizational
memberships cost $10,000 per year ($5,000 per year for non-profit