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Stephen J. Kinzey
06-10-1998, 05:56 AM
Hello All,

I am in need of some information regarding electrical stimulation units
that are suitable for studying muscle function in human subjects. I have
contacted Grass Instruments however my budget does not permit the purchase
of their equipment. What I am hoping for is some information of equipment
that might be able to stimulate the motor nerve causing muscle activation
for under $1,000.00.

All pertinent responses will be summarized and posted.


Stephen J. Kinzey, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor / Director of Biomechanics Laboratory
The University of Mississippi
Department of ESLM
University, MS 38677
e-mail: skinzey@olemiss.edu
office: (601) 232 - 5540
fax: (601) 232 - 5525

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