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unknown user
06-10-1998, 09:19 AM
Dear Biomech-L readers,
I have been working for 2 years on EMG signal and hand movement
connections, ie creating a model which reproduces the hand movement
(wrist/handend location) based on the recorded emg signal from shoulder
muscles (3D movement, pointing to a target, drawing a circle etc). Among
the publications I have found a very interesting one, an ESPRIT technical
report (NC-TR-95-017). In this report a recurrent neural network was used
for system identification and control, but it's a rather short text and it
doesn't say too much about the method. Does anybody know the emails of the
following persons or any recent follow-ups on this topic? I have checked
the backprop-in-time approach for identification/control but this recurrent
net seems slightly different. Theses names are from the tech report:
Jean-Philippe Draye, Guy Cheron, Marc Bourgeois, Davor Pavisic, Gaetan Libert

Thanks for any replies in advance
Tibor Voros
Department of Automaton

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