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Devita, Paul
06-11-1998, 11:38 AM
Call for Symposia, Tutorials & Colloquia
American College of Sports Medicine
46th Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington
June 2 - 5, 1999

Proposals for biomechanical symposia, tutorials, and colloquia at the
1999 ACSM annual meeting are due on June 23, 1998. Symposia present
current knowledge and areas of contention related to an important topic
in movement science. Symposia look toward the future by presenting new
interpretations about our current knowledge. Tutorials review important
areas of movement science with the goal of raising the understanding of
the audience to current standards. Colloquia are interactive discussions
on topics in sports medicine or exercise science. Symposia are three
hours long and typically have three to four speakers and a moderator.
Tutorials and colloquia are 1.5 hours long and have one or two speakers
and a moderator.

Please contact the Biomechanics Interest Group of ACSM if you have any
questions about the proposals. Contact people are:

Mike Feltner at MFeltner@pepperdine.edu
Kathy Simpson at KSimpson@uga.cc.uga.edu
Paul DeVita at DeVitaP@Mail.ECU.EDU
Phil Martin at Philip.Martin@asu.edu

Please submit proposals directly to ACSM (address below). Since the
Biomechanics Interest Group is coordinating the efforts for submission
and evaluation of these proposals please also inform one of the people
listed above about any submission you make. We look forward to your

Other sessions also used at ACSM are clinical colloquia, clinical
lectures, conversational forums, and mini-symposium. Please contact ACSM
or the Biomechanics Interest group about these forums if you are

American College of Sports Medicine
Education Department
PO Box 1440
Indianapolis, IN 46206
(317) 637-9200

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