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M. Butcher
06-12-1998, 06:02 PM
Dear Colleagues;

I am in the process of proposing a master's of science degree in
biomechanics and need your opinion on a computer programming course and
possible text.

1. What programming language do you think would make these students the
marketable? (We have an excellent computer science faculty here "fluent"
in most
any language, and who are more than willing to design a separate course
addressing biomechanics application)

2. What text would you suggest? (It seems most are business based versus
scientific based)

These will be 2-3 year master's students who may go into clinics,
industries, universities, hospitals, and/or would need to be prepared for
doctoral work.

Thank you for your input.


G. Monique Butcher PhD ATC
Assistant Professor
Barry University
Miami Shores, FL 33161
(305) 899-3064

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