View Full Version : TO ALL Biomch-L subscribers on BITNET (incl. EARN, etc.)

H.j. Woltring, Fax/tel +31.40.413 744
05-13-1992, 03:04 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers on BITNET,

Following a previous posting on the problems when you have both an Internet
address and a BITNET address, here is some information on how to check whether
the Internet alias has been properly registered on BITNET, and how your BITNET
TechRep/ADMIN can register an Internet alias if this appears not to be the
case yet.

You can send the command

SHOW ALIAS node_name (e.g., SHOW ALIAS HNYKUN53, or
SHOW ALIAS nici.kun.nl)

to any ListServer, e.g., LISTSERV@HEARN.BITNET, and the ListServer will reply
which registered aliases are known. For HNYKUN53, these are psych.kun.nl and
nici.kun.nl. If the reply is negative, the ListServer will not be able to map
one adress onto the other, so retrieving PRV (private -- for members only)
files will be compromised between BITNET and Internet aliases for the same

You can retrieve the name and email address of the BITNET TechRep staff of any
node_name on BITNET by sending the request


to NETSERV@HEARN.BITNET (aka netserv@nic.surfnet.nl) and to any other NetServer
*or* by sending the command

SHOW ADMIN node_name

to any ListServer, e.g., LISTSERV@HEARN.BITNET.

The TechRep/ADMIN should then issue the appropriate registration command to
UPDATE@BITNIC.BITNET which, for the case of HNYKUN53.BITNET above would have
been an email node containing in its body:

>:Internet.psych.kun.nl nici.kun.nl

Thus, more than one Internet alias is acceptable if separated by a blank space.
Further details can be found in the file returned to you in reply to a command


to any NetServer on BITNET or on the Internet. This file explains also the
other tags in the NODENTRY files.

I'm sorry for these dreary networking technicalities; however, they may help
in smoothing out some of the problems of standardizing between two networks
that started out quite differently some years ago. [ By comparison: the 3-D
standardization effort of the ISB tries to prevent such problems, rather than
having to rectify those after it has become too late ... ]


There are quite a few BITNET sites among our subscribers whose Internet alias
has *not* been registered on BITNET. May I ask all of you to check this out,
and to contact your local networking staff if you find that your Internet
address has not been registered yet? This will save your moderators a lot of
problems from bewildered subscribers who don't understand why thy cannot re-
trieve any particular files, especially if local policy is to emphasize the
use of Internet mailers (e.g., in% on VAX/VMS) rather than BITNET mailers
(jnet% on VAX/VMS).

Thank you for your help and patience;

with kind regards -- Herman J. Woltring.