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Jeffrey Cortez
06-16-1998, 09:31 AM
We are currently running MacReflex 3.1 b2 PPC with 6 cameras. In
addition, we collect force data using a BIOPAC MP100 system with 16
analog channels. For quite some time now, we have had problems with the
computer crashing during data collection, which can become quite annoying.
No matter what operating system we have used (Mac OS 7.6, 7.6.1, and 8.1)
there still seems to be system crashes. The temporary solution to our
problems has been to turn off all extensions during data collection. We
are fairly confident that there are no other conflicting extensions
because we have used the system with only MacReflex and Acqknowledge
installed. If anyone can give any solutions, comments, etc., I will
post a summary of responses for those intending to purchase a motion
analysis system, and those currently using MacReflex. Thank you.

Jeff Cortez, M.Eng
UCSF/SFGH Orthopaedics Bioemechanics Laboratory
San Francisco, CA

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