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Jennifer Moore
06-17-1998, 01:35 AM
Please respond directly to Dr. Ethier at the address below--thanks!

PDF in Blood Flow Modelling in Real Geometries (U. of Toronto)

A post-Doctoral position in computational fluid dynamical modelling
of blood flow in large arteries is available immediately. The
research work will involve computation of velocity and wall shear
fields in realistic vascular geometries derived from arterial casts
of coronary arteries. The fluid dynamical data will be correlated
against morphometric measurements on the original vessels.

Salary is competitive, and a term of 1 or 2 years is negotiable.
The successful applicant will join a team of engineers and clinicians
seeking to understand the hemodynamic basis of arterial disease.

Applicants must have experience in one or more of the following
areas: 3D model construction from medical imaging data, 3D unsteady
flow simulation using CFD, or large artery hemodynamics.

To apply, please forward a complete curriculum vitae, including the names
of three referees, to Prof. Ross Ethier (email/fax/post).
Prof. C. Ross Ethier
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario M5S 3G8 email: ethier@mie.utoronto.ca
voice: (416) 978-6728 fax: (416) 978-7753

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