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Edsko Hekman
06-17-1998, 05:31 PM
Hi Geoffrey,

At 04:57 AM 6/16/98 +0000, you wrote:

>No one, so far, has tackled the question as to the way the rock
> Will there be a difference when it is struck with a light high velocity
>missile (hammer head) or a large slowly moving one ?

Interesting question. If impulse has anything to do with it, as I think it
does, the mass of a hammer would make a difference. Given a certain amount
of kinetic energy (m*v^2) the impulse of a heavier object (m*v) will be
higher than that of a lighter object. Similarly, to obtain a certain
impulse, the kinetic energy and therefore the energy the carver has to
'invest' during the swing will be lower for a heavier hammer. Any takers
from here?


Edsko Hekman

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