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05-14-1992, 05:54 AM
Date: Thu, 14 May 92 12:19:20 EDT
From: sandro@ai.mit.edu
Subject: Post-doc opening
To: motor-mit@ai.mit.edu, neuromotor-control@ai.mit.edu


There are two post-doctoral positions in motor control available
at the University of Provence - Marseille.

One is for a 3 to 6 month research associate, starting as early as
June 1st or later (but no later than December (salary about FF 2000
per month). The study deals with bio-robotics problems such as
man-machine interaction, graphics display, joy-stick telemanipulation,
3-D visuo-manual tracking.

The other is for a longer term. It is a 3 years post-doc position (Human
Frontier Grant) starting around July 1st 1992 (salary to be discussed).
The program deals with neurophysiological and neurobehavioral aspects of
eye-head-hand coordination in visual target pointing and tracking.

The person to contact is

Professor Gabriel M. Gauthier
Laboratoire de Controles Sensorimoteurs
Departement de Psichophysiologie
Universite' de Provence
Avenue Escadrille Normandie Niemen
F-13397 Marseille cedex 13 - FRANCE


Both positions are on a very tight deadline. So, if you are interested
contact Gauthier at once.