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Wataru Doyo
06-20-1998, 05:54 PM
>I have received several responses to my question but I may not have phrased
>it clearly enough. Here at the our lab we have the ability to sense forces
>and moments exerted on the pushrim by the hand but cannot however sense the
>grip force. My question is about instrumentation to measure grip forces on
>the pushrim. Pressure sensitive film/sensors? Gloves? Any information
>would be greatly appreciated.
>Al Vangura Jr.
>University of Pittsburgh
>Human Engineering Research Labs

Do you know ' SMART' wheel?

Maybe this is adopted wheel axle and measure the torque applied the wheel.
But I don't know the mechanics.

I guess you should refer to the paper as below:

Asato KT, Cooper RA, Robertson RN, Ster JF:
SMART Wheels: development and testing of a system for
measuring manual wheelchair propulsion dynamics.
IEEE Trans Biomed Eng 40:1320-1324, 1993.
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