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06-22-1998, 12:52 AM
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Thanks to those who answered my question about the biomechanics of swinging.
The definitive citation came from Joseph Higgins, as shown below:

Date: Thursday, 18-Jun-98 06:31 AM

From: Joseph R. Higgins \ Internet: (jhiggins@sfsu.edu)
To: Antony Hodgson \ Internet: (ahodgson@mech.ubc.ca)

Subject: Re: Biomechanics of Swinging

The article you are refering to was in the column "The Amateur Scientist"
and entitled "How to get the playground swing going: a first lesson in the
mechanics of rotation." Jearl Walker SA March 1989, pp.s 106-109. Regards.
.J Higgins

At 09:11 AM 6/17/98 -0500, you wrote:
>-- [ From: Antony Hodgson * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --
>I recall a few years back (late 80's?), Scientific American ran a short
>article on the biomechanics of swinging. Would anyone happen to recall
>precisely which issue it was in?
>Tony Hodgson
>University of BC

Joseph R. Higgins, Ed.D.
Department of Kinesiology
San Francisco State University
415 338-1746
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