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Hans Hoffman
06-22-1998, 03:11 AM
Dear Biomch-L

I have been talking to a student regarding his major course of study:
mechanical engineering or biomedical engineering/ biomechanics. I would
like to ask the subscribers to this list, which is the better alternative.
His career goals are in the medical profession, i.e. medical school. I
have encouraged him to pursue mechanical engineering with electives in
biology and biomechanics. The reason being that a mechanical engineering
degree is more flexible and marketable and mechanical engineering programs
are mature in their curriculum structure. Furthermore, from my experience
with biomechanics I regard it as the application of mechanical engineering
principles to biological structures and materials. He argues that the
mechanical engineering curriculum is too strenuous to allow adequate
electives in biomechanics and biology, particularly for a medical school
candidate who must fulfill minimum requirements in biology, physiology,
and organic chemistry.
To this list I ask,
1. Are there any advantages to a biomedical engineering/biomechanics
degree that make it superior to a mechanical engineering degree?
2. Which undergraduate degree is appropriate for different career goals?


Hans Hoffman
Biomechanics Lab
Yale University School of Medicine
Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation

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