Rene Ferdinands
06-23-1998, 02:19 PM
Hello! My name is Rene' Ferdinands, and I am currently doing my Masters in
Biomechanical Engineering at the University of Waikato in New Zealand. I
presently hold a Bach. of Electrical Engineering Degree from R.M.I.T,
Australia. My research centres upon optimising the cricket bowling action
in terms of various biomechanical parameters. Mathematical modelling, 3D
Video and EMG will be used to achieve this end.

At present, I am attempting to model the human body a system of 14 coupled
segments using Lagrangian dynamics. The method used is based on David A.
Winter's technique outlined in 'Biomechanics and Motor Control of Human
Movement (2nd ed.)'and a paper by Onyshko, S. & Winter, D.A. 1980. 'A
Mathematical Model for the Dynamics of Human Locomotion', Journal of
Biomechanics, 13, 361 - 368. So far I have only modelled two segments,
which represent the upper and lower arm as they traverse an orbit about the
shoulder joint, as an attempt to simulate the action of the bowling arm in
cricket. I use numerical techniques to obtain solutions. At this stage, I
am finding difficulty in obtaining practical solutions. The Langrangian
equations are very lengthy, especially when they are converted to a system
of first order D.E's to enable numerical integration.

So I am posing the following for anyone who can help, so that I can review
the approaches of others before me:

(i) Is there any published work that has already modelled the movement of
the human body as a dynamic set of Lagangian equations.
(ii) Alternatively, are there complete models using Newtonian mechanics
(iii) It would be useful to have an email address for David A. Winter.
(iv) Could I have some references for other types of
mathematical/mechanical models of the human body.
(v) It would be of use to have complete mathematical/mechanical models of
JAVELIN/THROWING/BASEBALL PITCHING because this can be most suitably
adapted to the cricket bowling action.
(vi) If anyone has personal experience in this area, and can offer some
useful suggestions, please feel free to do so.

Your help is most welcome, and appreciated.



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