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Terry Long
06-24-1998, 04:57 AM
Dear Biomch-l Members,

I have been receiving a lot of phone calls recently from people who have
purchased either the Polhemus or the Ascension Technology
electro-magnetic(EM) hardware for real-time motion capture in
biomechanics. These two companies' EM hardware:
Polhemus(ISOTRAK-wired/30 Hz per sensor, FASTRAK-wired/30 Hz per sensor,
ULTRATRAK-wired/60 or 120Hz per sensor, or STARTRAK-telemetered/60 or
120 Hz per sensor)or Ascension Technologies(Mini
Flock-of-Birds-wired/144 Hz per sensor, Flock-of-Birds-wired/144 Hz per
sensor, MOTIONSTAR-wired/144 Hz per sensor or MOTIONSTAR-telemetered/144
Hz per sensor) are supported by Skill's software packages. These people
have all have trouble running the hardware for lack of any sophisticated
biomechanics capture, real-time viewing of the sensors, kinematic
analysis, and graphing software.

If you are a user having trouble writing your own software, please
contact me. Skill has real-time software that will work on each of
these hardware platforms. Viewing of the live, real-time position of
the sensors(with fully rendered 3D Models), real-time capture of six
degree-of-freedom(X,Y,Z,Yaw,Pitch, and Roll) sensors, playback with
fully rendered 3D models(male, female, and skeletal), instant kinematic
calculations(with all Euler angles, Joint Coordinate System angles,
projected angles, displacements, linear and angular velocities and
accelerations, etc.), and syncronization with Analog equipment(EMG,
force platforms, etc.) all currently exist. If you have a Polhemus
hardware platform, we also have the software that removes the effects of
metal(some slight restrictions may exist) in your study environment.

This will allow you to go on with your studies and not spend lots of
time trying to get the hardware to work. You can reach me either at
this biomch-l email address( twlbox@hotmail.com ) or directly at Skill's
address( skill@skilltechnologies.com ). I hope this will help you.


Terry W. Long
V.P. of Marketing

Skill Technologies Inc.
1202 E. Maryland Ave., Sutie 1G
Phoenix, AZ 85014

**The True Real-Time 3D Motion Analysis Company**

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