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Since advertising is strictly taboo on EARN/BITNET, I must apologize for the
optimistic tone of the X-post from UseNet below. Yet, I believe that this
information is sufficiently meaningful from a public service point of view.
I haven't seen the first issue!


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Article 3829 in sci.virtual-worlds (moderated):
From: dardenma@MIT.EDU (Michael A. Darden)
Subject: PUBS: Update on PRESENCE -- Second Issue Almost Ready
Date: 12 May 92 22:58:42 GMT
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Organization: University of Washington
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Michael A. Darden
Journals Marketing Coordinator
The MIT Press


AUGUST, 1992

Engineers, scientists, psychologists, architects, executives, artists:
be on the lookout for another PRESENCE in August, 1992. That's about
the time MIT Press Journals will publish the second--spring, 1992--issue
of PRESENCE, the first quarterly for serious investigators of
teleoperators and virtual environments. You can expect from the spring
issue the same caliber of teleoperator and virtual environment research,
ideas, and applications that you enjoyed in the premier--winter,
1992--issue published last March.

The table of contents for the spring issue is being finalized.
Tentatively scheduled are:

* "Artists Explore Virtual Reality: The Bioapparatus Residency at
Banss Centre for the Arts" Warren Robinett and Michael Naimark

* "A Survey of Position Trackers" Kenneth Mayer, Hugh L. Applewhite,
Frank A. Biocca

* "An Electrorheological Tactile Display" G. J. Monkman

* Forum
"A Nose Gesture Interface Device: Extending Virtual Realities" (humor)
T. R. Henry, S. E. Hudson, A. K. Yeatts, B. A. Myers, S. Feiner

We anticipate PRESENCE will have an international circulation of
approximately 2,000, including: (1) electrical and mechanical engineers
concerned with teleoperators; (2) computer scientists, high-tech
artists, media people, and others interested in virtual environments;
and (3) psychologists involved in the study of human-machine interfaces
and sensorimotor/cognitive behavior.


Coeditor-in-Chief, Tom Sheridan, Director, MIT Human-Machine Systems
Coeditor-in-Chief, Tom Furness, Director, HIT Lab, Seattle
Managing Editor, Nathaniel Durlach, Director, MIT Virtual Environment
and Teleoperator Research Consortium

Associate Editor, William Bricken, University of Washington
Associate Editor, Blake Hannaford, University of Washington
Associate Editor, Warren Robinett, University of North Carolina,
Chapel Hill
Associate Editor, J. Kenneth Salisbury, Jr., MIT
Associate Editor, Robert Welch, NASA Ames Research Center
Associate Editor, David Zeltzer, MIT

Editorial Advisors (partial list)

Stephen Ellis, NASA Ames Research Center
Michael McGreevy, NASA Ames Research Center
Elizabeth Wenzel, NASA Ames Research Center
Jaron Lanier, VPL Research Inc.
Myron Krueger, Artificial Reality Corporation
Michael Benedikt, University of Texas, Austin
Brenda Laurel, Telepresence Research
Scott Fisher, Telepresence Research

International Editorial Advisors

Massimo Bergamasco, Scuolo Superiore Santa Anna, Italy
Jens Blauert, Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, Germany
John M. Hollerbach, McGill University, Canada
Ian W. Hunter, McGill University, Canada
Lynette A. Jones, McGill University, Canada
Susan Lederman, Queen's University, Canada
Robert J. Stone, Advanced Robotics Research, United Kingdom
Susumu Tachi, University of Tokyo, Japan

Individual $ 50
Institution $120
Student*/Retired $ 40 (current ID copy required)

Outside U.S.A., add $14 postage and handling. Canadians add additional
7% GST. *Prepayment is required.* Send check drawn against a U.S. bank
in U.S. funds, MasterCard, or VISA number to:

MIT Press Journals
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Cambridge, MA 02142-1399 USA

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FAX: 1-617-258-6779
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