View Full Version : Osteoporosis and resistance training

Louis Amundsen
06-26-1998, 07:45 AM
Response to message from Justin Keogh. ... compressive forces stimulate
osteoblast activity and tension forces stimulate osteoclast activity and
bone breakdown ... .

Given the specificity of physiological responses, the science chat
show information is likely to be misleading. When bone is 'loaded" by
compressive or tension forces, bone formation will be stimulated
where loading has occurred. Repetitive forces will stimulate bone
remodeling with appropriate osteoblastic and osteoclastic activity to
adapt to
the specific forces. Chin-ups and seated rowing would strengthen bone
for these specific activities. Exclusive use of chin-ups and other
tension producing exercises for the upper extremity is likely to remodel

bone to better withstand the applied forces, but could weaken the
of the specific bones to withstand compressive forces. A balance of
exercises would be recommended for minimizing osteoporosis and for
strengthening bones for a variety of activities and circumstances.

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