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Gabor Barton
06-29-1998, 10:06 PM
Dear Readers,

I posted a message some time ago regarding the subject:

"I heard of a paper describing a structured history taking questionnaire
which is filled in before gait analysis on cerebral palsy children. I
couldn't find it on Medline. If you can help, please email."

Thanks for the replies, here they come:


From: Patrick Sean Carroll

I am not sure of the phone number, but The University of Virginia in
Charlottesville, Virginia USA is the home of alot of CP Gait research.
might check out their web sit and/or call their Biomechanics department.


From: Leonard Elbaum

Good question. I am also curious. Please post your responses if and
you get them.


From: "Daniel P. Ferris"

You might want to consider posting to the Neuromuscular Control list
instead of the Biomechanics list server. The Neuromus list has a large
number of physical therapists that subscribe and they might be able to
you out. The e-mail address for Neuromus is


From: "Dr. Chris Kirtley (Kwok Kei Chi)"

I'm using the one from Shriner's (see CGA Case of the Week 01-03-98)

It's only really a first draft until I find what I need - I'm trying to
it as brief as possible..


From: Jane Mickelborough

Have you tried the people who run the gait lab at Oswestry?
Kim Jones, ORLAU
tel 01691 404236


From: "Jenni Dabelstein & Brett Biss"

I haven't heard of a specific questionnaire, but I have used the PEDI
(Pediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory) prior to gait analysis,
which I have found very useful indeed. The PEDI is norm-referenced (I
think 100% at 6 years) and gives two scores. The first is a functional
score, which will compare the child to typical for age. The second is a
caregiver assistance scale, which is based on the fact that a 6 year old
functionally 100% physically independent in ADL's..the caregiver scores
will express how much assistance a child with CP is receiving to achieve
the functional level in A. Very interesting. It takes about 30 minutes
administer the PEDI, but, as it all reported, it can be dome over the
if needs be. Your rehab dept may well have a copy, or I can dig out the
supplier info for you if needs be.


From: Nerrolyn Ford

I noticed your posting on the BIOMECH-L list recently regarding a CP
history questionnaire and am interested to hear if you had any positive
responses. While my main research interest is observational gait
I am particularly interested in how information pertaining to physical
assessment and patient history may preprime observational variables and
decisions making of clinicians.

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