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This is a three-year EPSRC award to study for the degree of PhD in
the University of Wales. The project involves the numerical
modelling of bone plates used to stabilise long bone fractures and
involves the behaviour of a novel resorbable polymer with a high
tensile strength. The project will involve predicting the stresses in
the bone plate and from this to gain an understanding of the load
transfer from the plate to the bone as the fracture heals.

The project is associated with the Smith and Nephew Group Research
Centre (an international medical company based at York, UK) and the
University of Wales College of Medicine Cardiff. A strong research
team with modelling, biological tissue and clinical expertise will
support the project. The student will also be expected to spend a
minimum of two months of the year with the co-operating company.

A maintenance grant of 7295pa is available for three years and PhD
fees and travel costs will be covered.

Applicants, who must hold UK residential status as required by EPSRC,
will be expected to have a minimum qualification of an Upper Second
Class Honours degree in engineering or other science based subject.
EU nationals may apply however in this case it is normal that only
tuition fees will be paid.

For further details contact: John Middleton
John Middleton Dept of Civil Eng/Biomedical Eng
Engineering Building, University of Wales Swansea
Swansea, UK. Tel. 01792(295514) Fax.(295676)

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