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07-02-1998, 12:19 AM
The Third Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science
will be held in Manchester 15-18 July 1998.
The sessions of interest to the Biomechanics community are:

Biomechanical Modelling and Simulation (Thursday 16/8 11.00-12.30
Chair: V. Baltzopoulos)
A simple model of standing jump (R. McNeil
Alexander) A computer simulation model of the curved approach in high
jumping (F. Yeadon)
Optimisation of the accelerated backward giant circle on high bar (M.
Lateral arm movements and the performance of longswings on rings (M.

Musculoskeletal mechanics and coordination (Thursday 16/8
14.00-15.30 Chair: P. Komi)
Training of muscle strength and control in vertical jumping (M.
Problems related to the measurement of force/velocity relationships
of fresh and fatigued human skeletal muscle using isovelocity
shortening contractions (C. De Ruiter)
Differences in achilles tendon moment arms between resting and
maximally contracted plantarflexors (K. Maganaris)
A movement pattern repeatability approach during the
eccentric-concentric cycle in pendulum swing (A. Rodacki)

Spinal Loading and low back pain (Thursday 16/8 16.00-17.30 Chair: T
Intervertebral discs: injury, degeneration and pain (M. Adams)
Motor Control and spinal loading (J. van Dieen)
Biomechanical and psychological factors in LBP (K. Burton)

Biomechanics of isokinetic exercise (Friday 17/8 11.00-12.30 Chair:
J. Tihanyi)
Isokinetic Dynamometry: Biomechanical limitations and applications in
sport performance assessment and rehabilitation (V. Baltzopoulos)
Knee joint loading during maximum eccentric and concentric knee
extension (E. Kellis)
The effects of circular and noncircular chainwheels on maximal power
production during cycling (F. Hintzy)
A theoretical study of the dynamic deformation of articular
cartilage-the role of osmotic pressure of proteoglycans (W. Wang)
Muscle tension and EMG power spectrum during concentric and eccentric
actions at different velocities (V. Linammo)

Sports Biomechanics (Friday 17/8 14.00-15.30 Chair: F. Yeadon)
In vivo dynamics during jumping (T Finni)
Behaviour at vibration load in sport (J. Schwarzer)
Direct intervention in the take-off position in pole vaulting (N.
Ski jumping take-off: similarity of the plantar pressure and muscle
activation patterns in three different size hills (M. Virmavirta)
Improving the accuracy and consistency of shot reproduction in
cricket batting (R. Stretch)

Workshops in Cycling, swimming, Football (Soccer) and Racquet Sports
(Friday 17/8 16.00-17.30)

Biomechanics and Neuromuscular Control (Saturday 18/8 9.00-10.30
Chair: A. Thorstensson)
Muscle force optimisation (A. Siemienski)
Role of stretch reflexes in force potentiation during normal and
fatigued muscle (P. Komi)
Central fatigue induced by simultaneous long-lasting mechanical and
electrical stimulation of the triceps surae muscle (J. Avela)
Neuromuscular properties and functional aspects in joint
stabilisation (A. Gollhofer)
Electromyographic activity of the abdominal and rectus femoris
muscles during various forms of curl-up exercises (M. Vanderthommen)

The other parallel sessions are:
Epidimiology, health and exercise
Mortality and morbidity-exercise and diet
Psychological skills and interventions in sport
Metabolic fuels
Physiology of strength training
Sport and globalisation/urbanisation
Exercise Physiology
Drugs and Sport
Physical activity interventions in primary health care
Organisational psychology in sport
Physiology of endurance training
ACSM exchange symposium-recent advances in signal transduction in
Nutrition and Sport performance
Sport and Gender
Drug use and sport
The psychological impact of exercise
A.V. Hill Memorial: Muscle energetics, oxygen debt, human performance
Sport, nationalism and violence
Issues in sport medicine
Physical education Sport and Children
Cardiovascular health and rehabilitation
Motivational Issues in Sport
Controversy: Anaerobic threshold
Current Issues in cardiovascular physiology
Issues in skeletal muscle physiology
Growth and development
Stress and performance
Current issues in respiratory physiology
Aging and Physical activity
Adapted Physical activity: the disabled athlete
Preventative and rehabilitation medicine
The young athlete: talent development
Gas exchange symposium
Motor skill, acquisition maintenance and loss
Psychological factors in sport, injury and rehabilitation
Effects of temperature on performance
Sport culture and the body
Pulmonary rehabilitation
Perception-action coupling in sport
Physiology in space: how physiological systems degrade
Sport, the politacal economy and the mass media
Sport genetics and molecular biology

For the full programme and attendance details contact:

ECSS Congress Secretariat
HIT Conferences
Cavern Walks
8 Mathew St
Liverpool L2 6RE

Tel: +44 151 (0151) 2274423
Fax: +44 151 (0151) 2364829
Email: ecss@hit1.demon.co.uk

Hope to see you in Manchester!

Dr V. Baltzopoulos
Reader in Biomechanics
Department of Exercise and Sport Science
Manchester Metropolitan University
Hassall Rd
Alsager ST7 2HL
Great Britain

Tel: +44 161 2475659
Fax: +44 161 2476375
Email: V.Baltzopoulos@mmu.ac.uk

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