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07-04-1998, 02:28 AM
We are two examinists at the University of Heidelberg/Germany. We only have
some experience concerning gait analysis methodology and we would like to
have information about the following topics:

We are using a German 3D analysing system called SIMI MOTION to study
changes in locomotion of patients with total knee replacement before and
after isokinetic training (Cybex Norm).
This is a brief description of a locomotion analysis package called SIMI
MOTION which basically uses videos in *.avi-format. In these videofiles you
must identify the position of each surface marker by mouseklick. With this
information the software is able to determine translational and angular
movement, velocity and acceleration.
We have 2 Panasonic Videocameras, spherical surface markers (self-build),
foot switches to locate foot strike.
We would like to know, if anybody has experience of our or similar systems
concerning the following points:

1. Marker Location:
- How to find the same marker position after the treatment (3 weeks)?
- Now we use a surgical marker pen -
- What is the optimal size and shape of surface markers?
- Problem of skin reflection and marker tracking?
-Problem of missing markers (trochanter major, spina iliaca anterior
superior with two cameras)?

2. Positioning of the two cameras:
- Loss of light intensity with Ązooming"?
- Angle of camera location in relation to the walking person?
- Which aperture in combination with exposure (time) is recommended?
- We use 1/2000 s of exposure and automatic aperture


Joe Zebisch and Frank Mueller

University of Heidelberg
INF 700
69120 Heidelberg
E-mail: Frank.Mueller@urz.uni-heidelberg.de

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