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Natalia Dounskaia
07-05-1998, 08:13 PM
Dear members of BIOMCH-L,

I am looking for a Post Doctoral position.

I earned Ph.D., working in Russian Academy Science, Moscow, in the field of
mathematical theory of control of nonlinear mechanical systems. During those
years, I accumulated a profound knowledge of how human-body-like mechanical
systems can be controlled.

During the last 4 years, I have been applying my theoretical experience to
control of human movements, working in the Catholic University of Leuven
(Belgium) under guidance of Prof. Stephan Swinnen.

What is the muscle function and what is the role of peripheral dynamics
during multijoint movements? This is the question I have attempted to find an
answer. I have developed a leading joint hypothesis that describes a
principle of multijoint movement control. We have already analyzed three
types of arm movements from the same perspectives. One manuscript is now in
press in Experimental Brain Research and two others have been submitted for

The leading joint hypothesis extends the Bernstein's traditions and allows to
account for various phenomena of motor control that have always been studied
separately from each other. It is a general principle of multijoint movement
control, and therefore, it has potential applications to development,
different motor diseased and even to animal locomotion.

Due to recent changes in Belgian policy towards foreign researchers, I have
to look for another job. Any relevant information is welcome!

Natalia Dounskaia
Lab of Motor Control
FLOK, K.U.Leuven
Tervuursevest 101,
Phone: 16-32/32-90-71
FAX: 16-32/32-91-97
E-mail: Natalia.dounskaia@flok.kuleuven.ac.be

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