View Full Version : 3-D Human Movement Symposium - pictures & proceedings

Mike Whittle
07-06-1998, 02:15 AM
A very successful Fifth International Symposium on the 3-D Analysis of
Human Movement took place over the July 4th weekend in Chattanooga,
Tennessee, USA. The scientific standard was high, and the delegates
enjoyed the social program.

Gideon Ariel has put some pictures of the Symposium on his web site - to
see them, click on: http://www.apas.com/InetPub/3D_conference/

Copies of the proceedings are now available from the organizer.
Cost (including postage):
USA (first class mail): $20
Worldwide (surface mail): $20
Worldwide (air mail): $25

Please send cash, check or international money order (sorry, no credit
cards!) to:
Dr. Mike Whittle
The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
615 McCallie Ave.
Tennessee 37403

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