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07-06-1998, 11:23 PM
I have been asked to carry out a biomechanical analysis of a overhead
shoulder press station. The user's seem to think that the movement is
biomechanically incorrect, on first inspection ( a brief 2 minutes) the
machine does not feel it offers the correct motion. The reason for this I
think is that the hands are placed to far behind the body at the start of
the movement, as you push upwards the hands move further behind the body
causing the back to arch to compensate. The simple solution, I think,
would be an angled seat, but this is not possible with this specific

Does anyone have any information on correct angles that the body should
adopt for this sort of motion or any other information on possible injuries
that may be caused by this? I am about to carry out a full motion analysis
with Peak to determine the exact movement patter.

All information would be greatly appreciated and I will post a summary
later in the month.

Ross Anderson
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