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07-07-1998, 11:43 PM
Dear readers,
I am currently completing research which at present relates
to human diversity aspects and CTD's at the wrist. I would appreciate
information relating to any of the following issues.
1. A documented procedure for the measuring of hand volumes.
2. If you have ever measured hand volumes, what kind of values did you get??
3. Have you ever investigated the correlation of range of motion data with
anthropomertic data for the wrist? If so, what were you results??
4 Have you used an equation such as that by Heymsfelt or others to estimate
the cross section area of muscles in the lower arm. If so, could you forward
to me a copy of the equation(s) and procedures used i.e. where exactly to
measure circumferences etc.
5 I would also appreciate any details and designs that people may have from
experience of designing jigs and/or using jigs for recording wrist range of
motion angles, and also for holding wrists in desired postures for

Thanking you,
Leonard O'Sullivan
University of Limerick
Tel - +353 61 202948

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