View Full Version : Biarticular leg muscles during squat.

Sergio Abreu Marinzeck
07-08-1998, 12:09 PM
Hello fellows, my name is Sergio and I am a graduating physical
therapist here in Brazil. I am having a discussion with my comrades to
which I need help. They say that during the raising phase (geting up) of
the squat, the simultaneous contaction of the hamstrings and
gastrocnemius helps to extend the knee (contributing to the quadriceps
action). I believe that the contraction of those muscles actually try to
flex the knee (although the knee is extending, of course). Their real
action is on the pelvis (hamstring) and ankle (gastrocnemius).
So, who is right? Me or them?
I would be pleased if someone can help. It would be very useful
a reference of some article or text about this problem. Thanks...


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