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H.j. Woltring, Fax/tel +31.40.413 744
05-19-1992, 11:58 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

Following my posting last Sunday, 8 replies were received to my questions.
Since this seems hardly enough for summarizing purposes as originally plan-
ned, I've anonymized them and stored them on the Biomch-L fileserver. It
is a PRV (members only) file, retrievable with the command


and I make a decision on whether or not to change (tentatively) from "Send=
Public" and no Editor to "Send= Private" and "Editor= some@one.dom,(Biomch-L)",
we'd like to make this information available to the readership in order to
sollicit further replies -- as before, to be sent to me privately rather
than onto the list.

Two specific points:

(1) One comment indicates that I put too many networking items onto the list.
While this may be true for countries like the USA, there are many new coun-
tries in Biomch-L for which email networking is largely Terra Incognita; also,
many potentially interesting subscribers (e.g., Gait Labs in peripheral, non-
university affiliated hospitals in the U.S.A.) are not in easy reach with
institutional, networked computer centres; for those categories, providing
networking information via other channels seems useful. Any comments on this?

(2) Another comment addresses debates as we have had a number of times. The
initial postings were thought to be fine, but follow-up items were thought
better to be left off the list; they should be handled by means of a selected
sub-list, through a case-specific editor. Any comments here, too?

Looking forward to further reactions,

Herman J. Woltring