View Full Version : Portable Suspension Partial-G Simulator.

Rex H. Wu
07-09-1998, 05:42 AM
Dear all:

Does anyone have any literature or experience in building a portable
suspension system for partial gravity simulation? I'm currently trying to run
a human readaptation experiment using suspension system as my partial-g
simulator. However, since our lab doesn't have an embedded force plate
treadmill, I have to build a portable suspension system so I can run the
experiment at some place else.

I'll be greatly appreciated if any information can be provided.

Thank you for you attention.

Rex H. Wu
Research Assistant

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Man Vehical Laboratory
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Room 37-219
Cambridege, MA 02139

Work number: (617)253-2628
Email: rexwu@mit.edu

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