View Full Version : sex differences in throwing?

Brad Wright
07-10-1998, 04:31 AM
It's widely held (among boys, at least) that girls throw balls (and
punches) different from boys, hence the familiar phase, "throw like a
girl". Does anyone know (a) whether any significant sex differences in
throwing style have been demonstrated in the biomechanics literature and
(b) what biomechanical differences might account for throwing style
differences, if they exist?

Anecdotally, my impression is that very small children show no consistent
throwing style differences between the sexes; only later do any
differences become evident, and they may be due largely to differences in
experience or training. However, I've heard it argued that even
athletically inclined women tend to throw more "like a girl" than the
typical man. Any ideas (or better yet, data)?


Brad Wright
University of Chicago

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