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07-10-1998, 05:03 AM
Dear Netters,

On behalf of the Standardization and Terminology Committee, International
Society of Biomechanics (ISB), I would like to invite you to test use the
Recommendations for Joint Coordinate System (JCS), as proposed earlier by
various working groups, so that the first hand feedback on these JCSs can
be received and changes be made accordingly.
Since November 1993, the ISB Standardization and Terminology Committee has
begun its journey to propose the standards for defining joint coordinate
systems of various joints. Nine subcommittees involving a total of 25
people have been established and, so far, seven proposals have been
completed. They include ankle, spine, shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist,
TMJ, and whole body. Some of these proposals have been published in
previous ISB Newsletters, and some are now available on the ISB Home Page
(http://www.lri.ccf.org/isb/standards/). The detailed information about
each of these groups is summarized in the following table.
I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the members who have
contributed to the establishment of these proposals. While there are a few
joints whose JCSs are still under development (such as the foot and the
hip), the proposals for other joints are readily available to be tested.
The test use process will be:

1) Each individual (or group) should send an e-mail to Ge Wu at
gwu@zoo.uvm.edu to indicate which joint you will be interested in testing;
2) Upon request, you will receive a complete proposal via regular mail;
3) You will follow the definitions and procedures as proposed in the JCS
proposal in one of your experiments (either on going, or new);
4) Provide a written report on:
a) A description of the experiment being conducted;
b) A description of the procedure for joint angle calculations such as
marker placement, calibration, and etc. This is to double check if the
procedure used is exactly the same as the one being proposed;
c) Comments on how you think about the proposed JCS. What are the
strengths and weaknesses of the proposal? How you would modify the
proposal to best satisfy your application?

Thank you in advance for your support. The standardization of terminology
in biomechanics of human locomotion is not an easy task. It cannot move
forward without your help and support.

Ge Wu
ISB Standardization and Terminology Committee

by Arne Lundberg (Chairman)
Robert Wm. Soutas-Little
Peter M. Quesada
Norman Murphy
Chris Kirtley

In progress

by Sorin Siegler (Chairman)
Mike Whittle
Paul Allard
Chris Kirtley
Dieter Rosenbaum

1st draft available
Not published yet

Knee Grood and Suntay (1983)

by John A. Hipp (Chairman)
CAMARC group

In progress

by Ian Stokes (Chairman)
Wafa Skalli
André Plamondon

1st draft available
published in:
ISB Newsletter 53, 1994

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
by David Dean (Chairman)

1st draft available
Published in:
ISB Newsletter 54, 1994
ISB web page

Hand and Wrist
by Frederick W. Werner (Chairman)
Bryan Buchholz

1st draft available
Published in:
ISB Newsletter 53, 1994
ISB web page

by Bo Peterson (Chairman)
Brendan McCormack
A. C. Nicol
Ed Chadwick

1st draft available
Published in:
ISB web page

by Frans C.T. van der Helm (Chairman)
Jesus Dapena

1st draft available
Published in:
ISB Newsletter 53, 1994

Whole Body
by Fred Yeadon (Chairman)

1st draft available
Published in:
ISB Newsletter 53, 1994
ISB web page

Ge Wu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Physical Therapy
University of Vermont
305 Rowell Building
Burlington, VT 05405

Tel: (802)656-2556
Fax: (802)656-2191

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