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Kurt Schulz
07-13-1998, 10:36 AM
We are interested in performing a validation type study comparing an (AMTI)
force plate with a (TekScan) Piezoelectric pad system for dogs. I realize
that the pad will only give vertical force and that the system needs to be
calibrated and equilibrated but are hoping that some of the conveniences of
the system will make it a valuable tool for use with dogs. We have a
literature database to help but wanted any personal opinions on gait
analysis using the piezoelectric systems. I apologize if this has been
addressed recently but I was unable to access the archives.
Thank you in advance. I will post any replies.
Kurt S Schulz DVM, MS
Diplomate ACVS
Assistant Professor, Small Animal Orthopedics
Department of Surgical and Radiological Sciences
2112 Tupper Hall
University of California
Davis, California 95616
ph 530-752-3599
fax 530-752-6042

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