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Shawn Hunter
07-14-1998, 12:06 AM
Fellow Biomech-L readers:

I am seeking answers to some tissue engineering questions and am turning
to you for help! Presently, we are looking into meniscus repair and have
considered the use of growth factors and/or angiogenin to promote
neovascularization in caprine menisci. However, the following questions
have arisen:

1) What is the origin of the term "fibrochondrocyte"? Is this a valid
biological definition for a cell type or something fabricated by an
orthopaedic surgeon?

2) What types of growth factors stimulate goat cells? I know from the
literature that human GF has been used in mouse and bovine cells, is this
type of inter-species procedure also acceptable for use in goats?

Thanks in advance,

Shawn Hunter
Graduate Student
University of Cincinnati
Noyes-Giannestras Biomechanics Laboratories

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