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Wendy Reffeor
07-14-1998, 07:33 AM

My name is Wendy Reffeor and I am a PhD candidate at Michigan State
University. I am studying 3D motion of the human hand. I have been
trying to find detailed anatomical data on the human hand and have had
little luck. There is some data in "Biomechanics of the Hand--A Basic
Research Study" by Chao, et. al., but the data for the bone segments
includes only lengths of two of three phalangeal bones and no data for
the metacarpals. There also is no data on the basic diameters or more
complex shapes of these bones. I have tried searching the biomech
archives and have been unsuccessful. I do not have access to cadavers
to generate this data myself and figure it must be available somewhere
as there are many human skeleton models used for teaching. If anyone
has a source for this data, I would greatly appreciate the information
and will forward it to the list for others to use.

Thank you,

Wendy Reffeor

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