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Susan Ramsey
07-16-1998, 02:51 AM
Hi! I am working at NASA Johnson Space Center in the Human Factors
department on a project involving biomechanics and fatigue of astronauts
while in the space suit. I am trying to create a web page about general
information on the subject, and am therefore trying to gather a strong
knowledge base on fatigue, biomechanics, and anthropometric measurements.
I'm a student at Texas A&M University in Biomedical Engineering, and am
doing this as a project between A&M and NASA. This is what I'm looking

General to specific information on:
*Muscle/Joint Fatigue
*Anthropometric Measurements

Anything for literary sources to periodicals to web pages is much

Once this webpage is created, I will post the URL on the listserv.

Susan Ramsey
Texas A&M University
NASA - Johnson Space Center

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