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07-16-1998, 07:29 AM
To whom it may concern:
due to a major hardware failure the host www.cineca.it, house of our web
site, is off-line and it will remain off at least for five more days (a
part must arrive from abroad). Thus during these days neither the
Standardized Femur Program nor the ISB Mesh repository pages will be
available. We are sorry for the incovenience. As soon as the server will
be back we shall make available a mesh of a human mandible created by Rik


MARCO VICECONTI, PhD (viceconti@tecno.ior.it)
Laboratorio di Tecnologia dei Materiali tel. 39-51-6366865
Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli fax. 39-51-6366863
via di barbiano 1/10, 40136 - Bologna, Italy

Tiger! Tiger! Burning bright in the forest of the night,
what immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry?
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